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Aerial View of Allambie Park Cemetery

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You can search our database to find information about burials and cremations at Allambie Park Cemetery. Our database contains the name, application number, age, date of death & location of every burial and cremation in the Allambie Park Cemetery.

Burial records from Memorial Park Cemetery, located on Middleton Road, can be obtained, for a fee, from the Albany Regional Family History Society.


Noticed an Error ?

Have you noticed an error in our records. If so, we would appreciate if you could please let us know through our contact form, providing us with as much detail as possible.

How to Search

You can search by entering just the surname, or you can type in the surname and first name or initial of the record you are looking for. ie. Typing Smith in the surname field will bring up all records with the surname Smith. Add J to the second field and you will get all records with the surname Smith where the first given name begins with the letter J. Enter John instead of just J, and you will get all records with the surname Smith, where the first given name is John.

Office hours are from 9.30 a m to 3.30 p m on week days.


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